Coronation Street: will Ryan Connor die tonight? Actor Ryan Prescott on his character’s fate

The Corrie star reveals all about Friday evening's big drama

ryan hit by car

Coronation Street actor Ryan Prescott has revealed that the life of his character Ryan Connor will be left hanging in the balance thanks to a car crash in tonight’s double bill. Asked by about Ryan’s future, the star teased: “He gets put on life support. So it’s a question of whether he manages to come out of his coma and wake up. One of the most important relationships he has is with his mum, so he’d want to fix whatever damage he’s done there. If he gets the opportunity.”


New pictures released by the ITV soap today show Ryan being mown down by Ronan Truman after the Connors’ attempt to escape the clutches of the local gangster backfire spectacularly. “We gad a stunt guy called Alan, who was fantastic. He had a really tough day. But I actually got to do some of the stunt work myself,” explained Prescott. “It was nice to get my hands dirty. And you might think 12 miles an hour isn’t fast, but when you’re having to throw yourself at a car, it’s fast enough! But it was a lot of fun and felt very safe.”

ryan and Ali

Corrie fans will now have to wait to see whether Ryan makes it through this latest ordeal, but Prescott has hopes that a certain other resident of the Street could be a stabilising influence on Ryan should he survive: “Yes, Ryan has definitely got his sights set on Bethany. He’s still chipping away there. And I love working with Lucy [Fallon] – she’s fantastic. So there could be something there – if he wakes up. I think her strength has great appeal for Ryan.”

And even though Ryan does have a tendency to bring catastrophe to his family’s door, Prescott said that his character does have his saving graces: “Ryan’s misunderstood. His heart’s in the place, but things just seem to go the wrong way for him because he makes poor choices that create pressure for himself. So he has a good heart, but he is a bit of a div. As an actor, though, that’s great.”


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