Coronation Street wedding carnage: Tracy punches Steve and fights with Leanne

A Corrie catfight resulted in Tracy and Leanne getting covered in wedding cake


The wedding of Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald descended into chaos tonight on Coronation Street as the bride punched the groom before scrapping with love rival Leanne.


Having discovered that Steve had strayed prior to the nuptials, Tracy saved her revenge for their first dance at the reception. As Steve readied himself for the lift in the Dirty Dancing routine he’d been practicing, Tracy instead let her fists fly and left him with a bloody nose.

But the attack on Steve was merely stage one of Tracy’s retribution: after grabbing the microphone, she went on to reveal all about Steve’s fling with Leanne to the assembled guests, labelling her adversary “the Battersby bike”.


Addressing Leanne and Steve’s young son Oliver, Tracy added: “Grown-ups are supposed to tell the truth, aren’t they? But your mummy and daddy are just a nasty pair of little liars.

“And your mummy is really desperate because every bloke she goes out with either walks out or dies or dates her sister.”

Getting increasingly incensed by Tracy’s verbal diatribe, Leanne eventually leapt in and turned things physical, with the wedding cake thankfully being the only real casualty as the pair slugged it out.

After the cake fight, Steve was seen begging Tracy to hear him out, claiming that what happened with Leanne was a mistake and only proved to him how much he loved her.

Handing her a ticket for a luxury honeymoon, Steve pleaded with Tracy to meet him at the airport and give him one last chance, but she has been left torn as to what her next move should be.

Added wedding day drama came in the form of Hannah, who ruined any chance of a reconciliation between Liz and Jim by taking great delight in revealing her scam.

After engineering things so that she and Jim were caught kissing, Hannah gloated by telling Liz that she wasn’t her daughter at all. But as Liz, reeled, Jim turned his back on Hannah and headed off after his ex-wife, eventually finding her at Katie’s grave.

But Liz was in no mood to listen to Jim’s apologies, opting instead to rail at him for sullying their daughter’s memory before making it clear that she never wanted to see him again.

Meanwhile, back at the venue, a merciless Hannah was taking no prisoners and after making a last-ditch attempt to blackmail Johnny for £5,000, she revealed all to Jenny about the Rovers’ landlord’s secret trysts with Liz.

Viewers will now have to wait until Friday to discover what Jenny’s next move will be and if Steve can possibly salvage things with Tracy following tonight’s bombshells.


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