8 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Nick is under fire, Sinead confides in Ken, plus Ali packs his bags

Your full guide to all the upcoming Corrie drama

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Next week’s Coronation Street drama sees Nick become Mr Unpopular following his sudden return, while Sinead gets her diagnosis and Ali is quizzed by the police. Below, you’ll find all the major talking points outlined in detail:


Nick under fire
Corrie returnee Nick is left horrified when David hints at some of the trauma he’s experienced this past year. But when Nick offers concern, David makes it clear that he wants nothing more to do with his brother, feeling abandoned when he needed him the most. Will the siblings be able to overcome their differences?

Nick is also making presence felt elsewhere when he calls to see Leanne, tells her that he’s sorry for the way he let her down and how he now wants to make it up to her. But how will Leanne react that Nick makes it clear that he wants her back?


Sinead confides in Ken
Ken Barlow will be put in an impossible situation when pregnant Sinead Tinker tells him about her cancer diagnosis – and swears him to secrecy. But will Ken do what he’s instructed and keep the news from his son Daniel?

“Ken wants Sinead to tell Daniel – he says to her that she can’t keep him out of this. But Sinead replies that it’s her baby, her body and her cancer. She begs Ken to keep quiet but it’s really difficult for him,” says actor William Roache. “Ken wants to do the honourable thing, but this is his son’s life as well.”


Peter’s had enough
Peter reaches the end of his tether with Vicky goading Sinead and bans the use of mobile phones at the factory. When Sinead answers her phone because the hospital are ringing about collecting her biopsy results, Vicky reports her to Peter and tries to grab her phone. When a fight ensures, Peter suspends both women for the week, a move that leaves Simon terrified that Tyler will find a way of making his life hell.


Ali to leave?
The police quiz Ali about the firearm found in Ronan’s car at the scene of the crash, but Ali denies all knowledge of having seen it. And when Michelle is also questioned about the accident, she’s shocked at being told that Ronan had a firearm in his vehicle. But could Ali be keeping secrets? After all, what other explanation could there be for him deciding to pack his bags?


Angie lies to Jude
Angie tells a fib to Jude when she says she has a business meeting. In fact, she’s going on a date with a guy she met online. But, later on, Jude reveals that he’s been shortlisted for a Good Samaritan award and Angie suggests they celebrate over dinner at the Bistro, where she apologises for going on a date behind his back. Jude is pleased that there still seems to be a spark in their marriage.


Cathy masks her disappointment
Brian’s plans to take Cathy on holiday are thwarted when he’s asked to run the school holiday club. As an unsuspecting Cathy excitedly shows Brian some holiday brochures, he breaks the news about his new task. Masking her disappointment, Cathy assures Brian that he has her full support.


Kevin and Jack make progress
After Kevin takes his son for a meeting with a prosthetics expert, Gary tells Kev that he has an old army mate who’s an amputee and trains with the Paralympians. He suggests it might be good for Jack to meet him and Kevin agrees.


Abi is in big trouble
In the aftermath of the Connors’ car crash, the police question Kevin about Michelle’s car, which stalled just before the collision. As investigating officers explain that it was involved in a fatal crash, Kevin confirms that Abi serviced the vehicle and she’s a trusted mechanic. But what nobody yet knows is that it was actually Tracy who tampered with the car.