Coronation Street’s Tracy left fuming as she finds out about Leanne and Steve

But will Tracy now confront her new husband?


In a classic soap mix-up, Coronation Street’s Tracy has found out about new husband Steve having cheated on her with Leanne. The discovery was made AFTER Tracy and Steve got married, leaving viewers wondering whether the groom will now make it through the drinks and speeches in one piece.


Tonight’s double bill of the ITV soap saw Tracy initially accuse of Abi of having slept with Steve before going on to slap her husband-to-be before the ceremony. But Steve was – on this particular occasion – able to set Tracy straight by explaining that Abi had been teaching him Dirty Dancing moves for the reception.

Having accepted Steve’s story, Tracy then headed up the aisle, only to be left angered when she realised that Leanne had ignored her wishes over Oliver’s page boy outfit. Passing Leanne, Tracy called her a “bitch”, a slur that left Leanne fearing that the truth was out about Steve’s infidelity.


Assuming Tracy now knew the truth about her night with Steve, Leanne went on to find Tracy at the reception and apologise profusely. “It was a stupid, drunken mistake,” she protested. “And yeah, I know I said that last time and then Oliver showed up nine months later, but Steve regrets it more than I do and I regret it a lot.”

“I was talking about Oliver’s outfit,” replied Tracy, as the penny dropped. “You slept with Steve again?!”

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Tracy was then able to work out exactly when and where the dirty deed was done, realising that Steve had been incommunicado when their daughter Amy was recently admitted to hospital.

But viewers will now have to wait until Wednesday’s two episodes to see how Tracy deals with the situation. But we can’t help but suspect that Steve’s latest marriage (his seventh, don’t forget)  might well turn out to be his shortest yet…


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