Coronation Street: Tracy confronts Steve’s ‘other woman’ – watch their shock showdown

The bride to be lashes out ahead of her wedding

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Tracy Barlow can be seen lashing out in this new clip from tonight’s Coronation Street as she accuses her friend Abi Franklin of sleeping with Steve. Little does Tracy know, though, that it’s Leanne with whom Steve had a one-night stand in the run-up to his nuptials and not Abi.


In typical Tracy fashion, Tracy accuses Abi of lying, before going on to add: “Because that’s what druggies do. They lie. That’s what they’re known for. No wonder your kids were taken off you. Now get out before I throw you out!”

Speaking about why Tracy decides to make her accusation, actress Kate Ford said recently: “Steve goes missing on the wedding morning and she starts to think about the free pass again. She puts two and two together, makes five and then decides he’s used the free pass on Abi.

“She has a massive meltdown, a huge row with Abi and then she goes to the garage and sabotages Michelle’s car, which Abi has been working on, in the hope Abi will get into trouble. So she’s not thinking straight.”


Asked how Tracy would react if she found out that Steve had in fact slept with Leanne, Ford added: “She won’t marry him if she finds out – she’d be really hurt.”

Simon Gregson argue today, though, that despite his character’s infidelity. Steve really does love Tracy: “Sleeping with Leanne confirmed to him that he does love Tracy and when he thought she might find out about Leanne and that he might lose her he realised that he didn’t have doubts any more.

“She is the woman he wants to marry. But Steve does everything the wrong way to get to the right way!”


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