Coronation Street reveals that Ali survives the Connors’ car crash

So who ends up being killed off?


Lives will be left hanging in the balance on this week’s Coronation Street when the Connor clan are involved in a fatal car crash. But it has now been revealed that GP Ali Neeson (James Burrows) won’t be the one meeting his maker in the aftermath of the collision.


Shock scenes will see Michelle, Ryan and Ali opt to go on the run after gangster Ronan makes some not-so-veiled threats against them following the death of his son Cormac. But with Ronan in hot pursuit, the stage has soon been set for a dramatic smash-up.

Now, in new storyline details released on the official Coronation Street website, we discover that – in the wake of the showdown – investigating officers will be seen questioning Ali about Cormac’s death and the crash involving Ronan. Under pressure due to the police grilling, Ali decides to pack his bags. But how will mum Michelle react when she returns home and finds him getting his belongings together?

Speaking recently, actress Kym Marsh hinted that both Ali and Ryan will make it through the ordeal, when she commented:

“It’s going to be a rough ride – there’s going to be more upset between the boys because they don’t get along anyway and this is going to make it worse. Michelle will be stuck in the middle of them both.”


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