Coronation Street star Kym Marsh on the “terror and panic” of the Connors’ big car crash – but who will die?

Next week’s episodes of Corrie see Michelle, Ali and Ryan in a deadly clash with Ronan


The Connor family will be put in grave danger on next week’s Coronation Street when Ronan Truman’s vendetta against them turns deadly. Corrie fans have already seen Michelle decide to close ranks following the sudden death of Ronan’s son Cormac from a drug overdose as she attempts to protect own sons. But Michelle’s actions could well end up having fatal consequences after Ronan decides to get revenge.


In the run-up to the dramatic showdown scenes being shown, Ryan will be seen getting arrested after the police investigating Cormac’s death find illegal pills in his pocket. With Ronan warning Michelle that he’ll be waiting for Ryan when he’s released, the stage is seemingly set for a confrontation. And pretty soon, Michelle is left with little doubt that Ronan has something nasty planned when two funeral wreaths are discovered: one on Robert’s car and the other at the flat.


“Michelle is terrified,” says actress Kym Marsh. “Sophie retracts her statement giving Ryan an alibi, plus Ronan has now discovered the truth following Ryan’s arrest. And after Ryan is beaten up by a corrupt officer and the Connors receive those wreaths, Michelle realises that she must do something. She ends up confronting Ronan at Cormac’s wake, but he threatens not only Ryan but her entire family.”

By this point, Ryan has been released from prison pending further investigation, while an unsympathetic Ali has been suspended from the GP practice on account of what happened to his sibling.

But with Ronan now hellbent on getting even, Michelle feels that the three of them have little option but to take her boys on the run. Speaking about why Michelle decides to scarper rather than ask for police protection, Marsh says:

“Well, she does initially tell Ryan and Ali that they’re going to go to the police. But this is just to get them into the car. Michelle realises that there’s something dodgy going on within the police and that they’re not to be trusted. She’s terrified about the safety of her family, so she has no intention of going to the police for help.”


The trouble is, though, that a bigger threat soon comes in the form of Ronan, who Michelle quickly realises is now following them. “Michelle is already scared, but once she catches sight of Ronan in her mirror, it turns to complete terror and panic. There’s this huge car chase with Ronan trying to run them off the road. But Michelle is in mum mode and trying to protect the people she loves.”


However, when Michelle’s engine suddenly dies, the Connors become sitting ducks as Ronan wreaks his revenge. With Ryan having suddenly left the vehicle, Ronan ends up driving straight at him and causing an horrific car crash. In the aftermath of the collision, an ambulance is called and CPR performed as the crash victims fight for their lives. But who lives and who dies? And what will the long-term repercussions be for the Connor clan?


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