Find out who attacks Jim McDonald when he returns to Coronation Street

Hard man Jim is back - and some people aren't pleased to see him


Peter Barlow will react violently to the return of hard man Jim McDonald when he returns to Coronation Street in next week’s episodes. As long-time viewers will no doubt recall, Jim put Peter’s life on the line in prison when he poisoned him with alcohol four years ago. And it seems that Peter is in no mood to forgive and forget, opting instead to lunge at Jim when he makes his comeback in scenes to be shown on Friday 7 September.


The upcoming drama sees Jim turn up unexpectedly at the Rovers just as Steve is enjoying a surprise stag do. Telling his dad that he wants nothing to do with him, Steve storms out. But his reaction is mild compared to Peter’s, who wastes no time in showing Jim exactly what he thinks of him.


Corrie fans will then see Jim begging for the chance to explain himself, with Liz appearing to soften as she brings her ex-husband up to date on Steve and Michelle’s split and his relationship with Tracy. At the end of their conversation, Liz agrees to talk to Steve for him – but will Steve come round and reconcile with Jim?


Jim’s reappearance is merely the start of the drama, with Corrie having lined up a storyline that will shake the McDonalds to their core. As has been widely reported, Jim will deliver the bombshell to estranged wife Liz that their daughter Katie did not die shortly after being born back in 1992 as they were told, and that there was a mix-up at the hospital.

Liz reels as she faces her offspring who explains she was adopted by a couple who then moved to Australia, but has been searching for her birth parents and tracked ex-soldier Jim down through his military records. But will Liz accept the daughter who she has believed to be dead for more than two decades?


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