Coronation Street: Ryan Prescott praises “maternal” Kym Marsh – “I call her mumma”

The actor - who plays wayward Ryan Connor - talks about what's next for his Corrie character

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Actor Ryan Prescott has spoken out in praise of screen mum Kym Marsh, saying that she takes care of the whole Coronation Street cast. Prescott, who has recently taken over the role of Ryan Connor, said to


“Kym is one of those people who looks after everyone. She was the one of the first people I worked with and she opened her arms and let me in. She’s been so cool throughout this whole experience and made everything feel really easy.”

Speaking about the relationship he’s now built up with her, Prescott added: “Kym is maternal – I call her ‘mumma’. It’s very easy to develop a rapport with her. But she’s not just like that with her on-screen sons – she does that with all of the cast.”

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Tonight’s double bill of Corrie will see Ryan explain that his job in Ibiza has fallen through, all of which means that he’ll be sticking around.

Meanwhile, when Ali tells Robert that he’d looking for somewhere to live, Robert offers him Ryan’s room, thinking that he’ll be back in Ibiza! It seems that the stage is set for some cramped sibling rivalry when Michelle’s two boys discover that they’re going to be living together.

“Ryan and Ali don’t get on,” admitted Prescott. “They both trigger their own insecurities. Ryan likes to wind Ali up and jab him under the table, so to speak. And they’re both in each other’s way when it comes to getting what they want, which is a relationship with their mum Michelle.”

In the past, of course, Ryan has caused his mother no end of misery after going off the rails and getting involved in drugs. So the big question is: are we now going to see a reformed Ryan or will he soon revert to type?

“He has been left with this label of being the wayward son, so he carries that with him. And sometimes he wears that label on his front so that everyone can see it. He still has a dark side – he’s also an opportunist who often seizes the moment without thinking about the consequences. So I’d say he’s matured, but that dark side to his personality has also matured.”

Sounds as though Michelle’s nearest and dearest should be on their guard now that Ryan looks set to once again become a regular fixture in Weatherfield…


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