Coronation Street: Ryan Connor clashes with Ali at Robert’s stag do – watch the scene

The siblings aren't getting on well this Friday - get a sneak peek here

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There’s sibling rivalry on Coronation Street next week when Michelle’s sons clash on Robert’s stag night. Corrie will welcome back Ryan Connor to the cobbles with Ryan Prescott taking over the recast role.


The character returns next Wednesday for mum Michelle’s impending wedding to Robert Preston, and is set for an epic rivalry with Ali Neeson, his mother’s biological son who recently came back into her life. Ryan and Ali were mistakenly swapped at birth, which was only discovered when the lads were in their teens but Michelle rejected Ali for Ryan, the boy she raised as her own.


Now with Ali working as a GP in Weatherfield, and torn Michelle desperate to reconnect with him, Ryan will come face-to-face with the cuckoo in the Connor nest and both boys are immediately threatened by each other. Next Wednesday Michelle has to change plans with unimpressed Ali to collect drunk Ryan from the airport, flying in from Ibiza where he’s been living since 2013.

Friday sees the lads square up at Robert’s stag night, where they’re dressed as Liam and Noel Gallagher. Is the squabbling Oasis siblings’ fractious relationship set to mirror Ryan and Ali’s dynamic? “They’ve not been in touch in the intervening years,” revealed James Burrows, aka Ali, to recently. “Ryan’s return inspires lots of hatred and maybe a bit of jealousy. It’s going to get a bit Cain and Abel and promises to be very interesting…”


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