Coronation Street twist: Chesney and Sinead’s wedding day has gone BADLY wrong

The bride and groom had the day from hell


Sinead and Chesney’s wedding on Coronation Street went badly wrong this evening when the groom backed out of his own nuptials.


Just as the pair were about to exchange their vows, Ches became overcome with emotion and tearfully told a stunned Sinead that he wasn’t able to marry her.

With their happy day in ruins, Sinead faced devastation and humiliation when Chesney went on to explain that he was calling off the wedding for son Joseph’s sake because he didn’t need any more upheaval and that she’d leave him one day.


Later on, back on the Street, Chesney was seen telling Tyrone that he knew Sinead didn’t really love him – a reference to the unresolved romantic tensions between his bride and Daniel Osbourne.

Speaking of Daniel – the Bistro barman is now aware of what’s happened thanks to Carla sharing the news with him. But if tabloid rumours are to be believed, he’ll soon be getting involved with her and not former love Sinead…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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