Coronation Street spoilers: Max to go missing in the new year, reveals Jack P Shepherd

Is Callum somehow involved in the young lad's disappearance?


Times are tough for David Platt at the moment now that he’s parenting both of his kids on the own following the disappearance of wife Kylie over Christmas. But 2015 looks set to get even more traumatic when young Max vanishes. Where could he have gone? And his Kylie’s drug-dealing ex-boyfriend Callum somehow involved?


Here, actor Jack P Shepherd talks about David’s current marital woes and the shock that the Platts feel when Max goes missing…

So, does David have any idea where Kylie has gone – does he assume that she must have gone off with Callum?
When he threw her out on Christmas Day, he’d expected her to be in touch and when she can’t be reached the first person he thinks of is Callum. He heads off to the Dog and Gun looking for him. But he isn’t around, so he manages to bribe Callum’s mate Macca to show him where he lives.

What happens when he finally gets to speak to Callum?
He goes to Callum’s flat, but Macca has double crossed him and taken the £50 ,but told Callum that David has gone round to his flat. Callum turns up and demands to know what is going on – but straight away he starts game plaing with David.

Was David shocked to discover that Callum is Max’s dad?
Maybe if David had had time to take in one bombshell, but he found out so much on that day. It all came out at once, Christmas Day, which is of course also David’s birthday. Everything is supposed to be magical – but David should realise, it never is! He finds out that Kylie has been doing drugs at the house, her dealer is in the house and he is also Max’s dad!

In the aftermath of her going, is he more angry, worried or upset about her?
It’s a mixture really. He never really mentions that he misses her or loves her. He just looks at the kids and the strain it is putting on them, so he thinks Kylie should at least see them. The fact that she has completely disappeared off the face of the earth is worrying him for their sake.

So is David holding it together for the sake of the kids?
He has told Max a lie that she’s looking after a friend, but he doesn’t know how long he can keep that lie going. Max is old enough to be asking questions – he doesn’t understand why he can’t at least ring her.

When he does see Callum, is he totally convinced that Kylie has gone off with him?
He just demands to know where she is and Callum leads David to believe that he may have that knowledge.

Does David fear at this stage that Callum may start to interfere in Max’s life?
Not at this stage. He doesn’t see that threat as he doesn’t believe Callum would be interested in having responsibility for the boy.

At what point does David realise that Callum has gone missing – and does he suspect Callum?
Michael comes in and says that he was outside with Max, who was on his bike, but when he turned round he had gone. First David blames Michael for leaving him, but then just assumes he has gone to the red rec and won’t have got far – he and Nick go to look for him but when they can’t find him David suddenly thinks that Callum might have something to do with it. They call the police and they are on the way just as Callum turns up with Max.

How does he feel about the fact that Max is with Callum?
He’s relieved that Max is OK. Max is excited and Callum is just looking at David taunting him and saying that Max has had a nice time with him. This is the first hint he gets that Callum is going to use Max as a pawn in his game.

And what happens when David and Callum meet in the Rovers?
Callum wants to lay his cards on the table and say to David, “this is as much as I know, which is basically nothing, so stop bothering me and leave me alone”. David says he is going to find Kylie and Callum says, “not if I find her first”, so it becomes a race between them to find her.

Do you think David would consider taking Kylie back or is it just about the kids at this stage and not their relationship?
At this stage, he is not thinking about the relationship, just that she needs to see the kids and they need to see her. He is also concerned for her as there are drugs involved.

Would David fight all the way for Max?
Yes, if push came to shove he would go the whole hog and fight him in the courts. David sees Max as his own and Callum is a drug dealer. For him, it is a no brainer, he would not want Callum involved in his life. He knows that Kylie would not want that to happen.

Are you enjoying this rivalry between Callum and David?
Yes, very much. Previously, David’s fights and scheming have mostly involved family. So it’s great for him to have a male adversary like Callum – David might have met his match this time and it’s great to play.

Do you think people will be on David’s side this time around?
Yes, it’s interesting to have the sympathy going in David’s favour this time. Callum is a good baddie and, for once, David might have people rooting for him.


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