What time is Neighbours on TV? What’s happening tonight? Who’s in the cast?

Everything you need to know about what’s happening in Ramsay Street

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Every soap fan needs good Neighbours. Since it was first screened in 1986, UK viewers the love, laughs and fights of Australia’s Ramsay Street.


What days of the week is Neighbours on TV?

Neighbours is usually on Monday to Friday, with five episodes per week.

What time is Neighbours on TV?

Usually episodes air on Channel 5 on Weekdays at 1.45pm. A repeat of the episode also airs later in the day at 5.30pm.

Although normally Neighbours takes a break from UK screens around Christmas to stop the British soap catching up with Australia’s episodes, this has changed thanks to a new deal with Channel 5. In 2018, the soap ran all year round and aired a special episode on Christmas day.

Can I live stream Neighbours online?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to live stream the show on Channel 5 catch-up service My5. Other online services, however, may have Channel 5 as an option.

Can I catch up on Neighbours episodes if I miss them live?

Yes. Shortly after the evening broadcast, Neighbours available for catch-up viewing on My5. Each episode is available for a month after its first broadcast.

Can I watch Neighbours on ITV Hub from outside the UK?

No. As Channel 5 only buys rights for transmission of Neighbours in the United Kingdom, the terms of their broadcast licence do not permit them to transmit outside of the UK.

What’s going to happen in Neighbours tonight and this week?

Warning! Spoilers below:

Monday: Terese is angry with Paul and unsure about working with Chloe. While attempting to find a solution to the financial problems left behind by Mel, Amy ends up working on Paul’s books.

Tuesday: A hit-and-run driver heads straight for Bea, Susan and Imogen while they are visiting Finn in hospital. Finn tries to save them and injures himself in the process.

Wednesday: Mark launches an investigation into the identity of the driver who almost killed Susan and Imogen. A suspect emerges in Finn’s ex-wife Miranda, who seems to have had a motive.

Thursday: Imogen mounts a defence of Finn at his hearing. Bea, a vital prosecution witness, wavers when she takes the stand and changes her evidence, agreeing that Finn is a changed man.

Friday: Elly admits to Shaun that he is the father of her child. She begs him to keep her secret, but he claims that he needs time to think about it. David gets caught up in a brawl.

You can get all the latest spoilers, gossip and news and plot information on our Neighbours hub.

Who is the Neighbours showrunner?

Jason Herbison has helmed the show since 2013, taking the reins from Alan Hardy. The series was originally created by Reg Watson in 1985

Is Ramsay Street a real place? Is neighbours filmed in Australia?

Unfortunately Ramsay Street isn’t real – and nor is the Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough (which is actually an anagram of Neighbours, with an extra ‘o’ and ‘r’ left over).

However, Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, Australia, is the real cul-de-sac that doubles for Ramsay Street.

The houses featured in Neighbours are real and are used for external shots. Many of the internal scenes, however, are filmed at Global Studio.

Can I visit the set of Neighbours?

Yes, the show offers fans the chance to see the show’s sets, including the exteriors of Harold’s Store, The Waterhole and Lassitier’s Lake. You can find out more about the fully-guided tour here.

Who’s in the cast of Neighbours?


Here’s the current cast of the hit soap:

  • Paul Robinson is played by Stefan Dennis
  • Clive Gibbons is played by Geoff Paine
  • Amy Williams is played by Zoe Cramond
  • Shane Rebecchi is played by Nicholas Coghlan
  • Karl Kennedy is played by Alan Fletcher
  • Susan Kennedy is played by Jackie Woodburne
  • Toadfish Rebecchi is played by Ryan Moloney
  • Elly Conway is played by Jodi Anasta
  • Mark Brennan is played by Scott McGregor
  • Sheila Canning is played by Colette Mann
  • Nell Rebecchi is played by Scarlett Anderson
  • Terese Willis is played by Rebekah Elmaloglou
  • Gary Canning is played by Damien Richardson
  • Aaron Brennan is played by Matt Wilson
  • Piper Willis is played by Mavournee Hazel
  • Ned Willis is played by Ben Hall
  • David Tanaka is played by Takaya Honda
  • Leo Tanaka is played by Tim Kano
  • Dipi Rebecchi is played by Sharon Johal
  • Kirsha Rebecchi is played by Vani Dhir
  • Yashvi Rebecchi is played by Olivia Junkeer
  • Chloe Brennan is played by April Rose Pengilly
  • Bea Nilsson is played by Bonnie Anderson
  • Hugo Somers is played by John Turner
  • Andrea Somers is played by Madeleine West
  • Willow Somers is played by Mieke Billing-Smith
  • Finn Kelly is played by Rob Mills
  • Fay Brennan is played by Zoe Bertram
  • Vera Punt is played by Sally-Anne Upton

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1.45pm and weeknights at 5.30pm on Channel 5

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