Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

15-19 April: Janine is back in Albert Square, while Gennie's wedding day takes a dramatic turn in Emmerdale



Janine returns in full Alexis Colby mode, firing putdowns at Kat and telling Michael that she’s back not for him, but for their daughter. Phil is keeping a lower profile as he tries to shelter Sharon, but word spreads after Kim spots him buying shampoo at the Minute Mart. News of Kirsty’s pregnancy is also becoming common knowledge, with Tanya getting the goss from Lauren. Max’s hopes for a reunion with his ex look to have been well and truly dashed.


Gennie’s wedding day goes from bad to worse as Brenda has a seizure and drops to the floor unconscious. Thankfully, this latest distressing event convinces Brenda that she needs to have the operation, as she doesn’t want to miss out on Molly growing up. Away from the nuptials, Gangland Debbie is dripping poison in the ears of Dylan and Harry. But has the Don of the Dales pushed things too far where Cain and Charity are concerned?

Coronation Street


Now that Eileen has had a sudden realisation that firefighting is quite dangerous work, it looks as if her future with Paul could be doomed. Also facing a fissure in their relationship are Faye and Anna, after an awful lie results in social services being called. Dev, meanwhile, is focusing on his motherless children and the search for a nanny to look after them. Mary is quick to apply, but we’re talking Mary Taylor here rather than Mary Poppins. It’s going to take more than a spoonful of sugar to sweeten this particular pill.