Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

1-5 April: Dot's in court in EastEnders, while Sunita looks set to take her secrets to the grave in Corrie

Coronation Street


How fickle that Stella Price is turning out to be. All it takes is Karl whispering a few sweet nothings during a life-threatening inferno and suddenly she’s altered her opinion on the man she recently had pegged as an obsessive stalker. Not that Jason is so easily convinced. Pity there’s no revisionist thinking where Sunita is concerned: unconscious and therefore unable to refute those accusations of arson, will she carry the truth with her to the grave?


Jimmy tries to prevent Thomas from seeing Belle by threatening to send his nephew back to Saudi. But his plans only push the pair closer together — by midweek the teen sweethearts have done a bunk. Back in the village, Brenda’s visit to an alternative therapy clinic annoys Gennie, while Vanessa raises the idea of buying into the veterinary business. Not that Paddy is exactly brimming with gratitude when he hears of the offer.



Roxy brings Jack news of Ronnie’s imminent release from prison. So what does that mean for his relationship with Sharon? One thing’s clear — that’s a heck of a lot of peroxide vying for one man’s attention. Elsewhere, the writers’ seeming mission to make Lola suffer as much as possible continues as baby Lexi gets a nasty dose of gastroenteritis. And there’s worry for Dot, too, when she appears in court: let’s hope she has some medicinal sweet sherry at the ready.