Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

18-22 March: Phil turns his attentions to Tanya in EastEnders while the Rovers Return goes up in flames on Corrie

Coronation Street


Extinguishers at the ready — there’s a fire on the Street. Yes, that little corner of Weatherfield with the lowest life expectancy rates and highest buildings and contents premiums is ablaze once more. The venue this time? The Rovers Return. Those in danger? Stella (who’s in the bath) and Sunita (who’s in the cellar). But while another inferno provides little in the way of surprise, its outcome does: creepy Karl hailed as a hero? The world’s gone mad.


When it comes to marriages with secrets you’d be hard pressed to find one that tops Jai and Charity’s. First we had Jai fathering a child with Rachel, which was swiftly followed by Charity’s passionate encounter with Declan. Now with Jai back from his self-imposed exile in France, is it time to clear the air? Edna is also making a fresh start as she returns home and gains Sandy as a lodger. Surely we have spin-off red-button potential right there?



Joey — jog on, mate. Jack — take a ticket and stand in line. As far as the E20 ladies are concerned, there’s only one guy they want to get their hands on and that’s garage-magnate-cum-woman-magnet Phil Mitchell. So mere weeks after making Sharon even more breathy than usual, Phil turns his attention to Tanya, who’s soon completely in his thrall. For Bianca though, there’s no time for romance: she’s too busy keeping Liam away from his gang by locking him in his room.