Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

9-15 March: Bianca tries to tackle Liam's growing involvement with a teenage gang in Albert Square, while Dev reconciles with Sunita in Corrie

Coronation Street


Not content with trying it on with Stella and torching Jason’s van, Karl ups the ante by sabotaging the electrics at the Rovers. But he hasn’t reckoned on Jason jacking in the building trade to work behind the bar with his beloved. Also in a state of loved-up bliss is Dev, who’s reconciled with Sunita. Expect ludicrous verbal flourishes and plenty of strange intonation from the corner-shop king — at least until Stella hits him with some home truths.


Debbie consolidates her sudden transformation into a don of the underworld by threatening to sack Cain from the garage and getting Robbie to act as a pint-sized enforcer. By summer, we’ll be seeing garrottings and shoot-outs with tommy guns at toll-booths. Katie is also getting shirty as she gives Paddy an ultimatum following the death of her horse, Wilson: sack Vanessa from the veterinary practice or she’ll take legal action.



Comic Relief is no laughing matter for Bianca as this year’s tie-in storyline sees her trying to tackle Liam’s growing involvement with a teenage gang that’s causing trouble in the Square. The mob’s victim? Poor Tamwar, who finds himself beaten for his market-stall money belt. Away from charity fundraising efforts, Kim is trying to unmask Denise’s mystery lover. Here are some clues: in his time, he’s been bog-washed, shot and bankrupted. Yes, it’s Ian Beale!