Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

24 February - 1 March: Ryan gets cheeky in the kebab shop in Corrie while Sam and Rachel share a kiss in Emmerdale

Coronation Street
What is it about the kebab shop that inspires such passion? First there was Tracy and Ryan feeling sexual next to the lamb shish, now we have Ryan again, this time getting cheeky over the chicken doners with Katy. A very different relationship is on the menu at the Rovers, where Eva is considering Eric’s offer of global travel. The trouble is that Eric is in for another type of exit, one that’s more reminiscent of Martha Longhurst circa 1964.


People are dropping like ninepins this week, what with Edna falling unconscious after selling her prized medals and Brenda collapsing after almost driving over Val. Sam, however, is falling for Rachel, with the pair sharing a kiss following what seems like months of misunderstandings. But while there’s harmony for those two, there’s tension at the Woolpack as Thomas asks Chas for a job. Cameron doesn’t look very happy at this development.


News that Sharon has been offered a stake in the R&R leads to Jack and Phil having a reasoned debate in which each argues their point eloquently. Only kidding — Jack punches Phil and he falls into the pit at the Arches where he lies motionless with blood trickling from his ear. Well, it’s one way to solve a problem, I suppose. But it’s not all tears and violence: it’s also Ian’s birthday and he’s making a Denise-shaped wish as he blows out his candles.