Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

15-21 December: Alfie finally learns the identity of Kat's lover, while Cameron resorts to desperate measures to keep his murderous secret



It’s the biggie — the week in which Alfie finds out the name of Kat’s lover. Surely it has to be Derek? After all, only he would go in for such an intimidatory style of courtship. The other suspects just don’t appear plausible: Jack seems too wrapped up in Sharon and, as we’ve heard, the mystery man doesn’t have Max’s distinctive foot drag/heel click. Oh yes, I’ve been paying attention! But whoever it is, the Moons’ marriage is destined to be in a dire state by Friday.


Chas’s trial begins, but Carl’s real murderer — an increasingly unpredictable Cameron — continues to roam free. As the pressure grows, he takes an unsuspecting villager into his confidence, only to regret his confession and whack them with a fence post before tying them up in his van. Could we be witnessing the start of a murder spree? If Debbie has her way, though, Chas is going down for life. So will this be the verdict delivered by the jury?

Coronation Street


Another year, another Nativity play ruined for Simon Barlow. And once again it’s dad Peter at the epicentre of the chaos, with able support coming from Nick, who can’t stand the thought of Leanne playing happy families with her ex. There’s further fury at No 9 where Fiz’s birthday card to Tyrone incenses an already volatile Kirsty. This time, poor punchbag Ty ends up in hospital, but mercifully he gains a new ally as a result of this latest trauma.