Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

1-7 December: the baby blues are spreading in Coronation Street and time away from Albert Square hasn't softened Shirley...

Coronation Street


The baby blues are spreading this week, despite nobody having yet given birth. Tina’s pregnant but Tommy wishes she wasn’t. Kylie’s not pregnant but David wishes she was. It all leads to ructions, with Tommy and Tina separating, thanks to the pressures of the surrogacy deal, while Gail stumbles across contraceptive pills in Kylie’s bag. And what to make of Dennis’s new job? Well, here’s a clue: it involves lollipops and school crossings.


Time away from the Square hasn’t softened Shirley – she’s back to tell anyone who’ll listen that Phil shouldn’t be left in charge of a Tiny Tears doll never mind Lola’s little girl. And as if to hammer home Phil’s inadequacy as a parent, Ben gets sentenced to four years in prison. No wonder Sharon’s had her fill of the ruse to fool social services. Yet it’s Jack who comes in for a tongue lashing from Phil: if Lexi ends up in permanent care, it’s all his fault, apparently.



Marlon and Paddy’s activity day ends with the pair visiting a spa and contemplating manicures, but they wouldn’t feel so relaxed if they knew what was happening back home – Brett the Vet (he of the lustrous hair and charming kennel-side manner) is hitting on Rhona. Will she resist his advances? There are no such temptations for Chas, though, who’s having a grim old time of it in prison. And after a shock on Tuesday, she even decides to switch to a guilty plea.