Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

26-30 November: Time is running out for Katie in Emmerdale while Bianca returns to the Square in EastEnders



You’d have thought that a car crash that endangered the lives of both Lauren and Joey would have been enough to heal any fissures in the Branning family. But no, the dramatic rescue attempts only lead to more threats and counter-threats between Derek and Tanya. Plus, we now have the fact that Bianca is back, having served out her prison sentence. And let’s face it, she’s never going to be one to carve out a career in peacekeeping.


As you read this, presumably snuggled up in an armchair or lying in a cosy bed, spare a thought for Katie, who spends this week lying injured in a mine shaft, where water levels are rising. Declan is distraught, a candlelit vigil is held at the Woolpack and even Megan returns to support her brother in his hour of need. But with all eyes on the Maceys, few people are thinking of Edna’s plight: she’s got a huge vet’s bill to deal with and has just lost her job.

Coronation Street


After his worst beating to date at the hands of Kirsty, Tyrone decides to run like the wind with Ruby. Only Fiz has another plan: she thinks he should marry Kirsty so that he gets parental responsibility of his daughter. So will Ty bolt, or wed the woman who’s causing him so much pain? Rita is also in a quandary, thanks to Dennis doing damage to her bank balance. Well, that’s what happens when you give the Street’s original Jack the lad access to a cash card.