Soap Spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders…

19-23 November: Nick gets down on one knee in Corrie while Lauren and Joey head for disaster in EastEnders



The wheels come off Lauren and Joey’s new relationship – literally. As they flee Walford to avoid being exposed by Derek, they lose control of a car and crash. But as the kissing cousins are trying and failing to do a runner, another member of the family stays behind to face the music: yes, an anguished Cora comes face to face with long-lost daughter Ava Hartman. But it’s not exactly the reunion that the beehived matriarch was hoping for.


Most newly married couples spend their time gazing into each other’s eyes adoringly and taking long walks in the country, hand in hand. Sometimes doing both at the same time. But not Katie and Declan – following a row she ends up driving both herself and her quad bike down a disused mine shaft. It seems an extreme way to call an end to the honeymoon period, but there you go. There’s anguish, too, for Ashley, who has to deal with the fact that Bernice is back in the village. Expect havoc to be wrought.

Coronation Street


Kirsty turns her paranoia and anger on Fiz and causes an accident at Underworld. In order to hammer home her message, Kirsty later sends her workmate bouncing off the walls just to emphasise the threat she poses. Also on the rebound (but in an emotional rather than physical sense) is Leanne, who agrees to marry Nick after getting her divorce through from Peter. Ken approves, Simon’s all smiles, but is the bride-to-be truly happy?