Soap spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale…

12-16 November: Everyone's keeping secrets in EastEnders while Cain starts throwing punches in Emmerdale



You’d have thought that after Christmas 2007, when Max’s affair was revealed to his family via DVD, that the extended Branning clan would have been sick of keeping secrets. But no, here they are again, hushing things up. Derek is making veiled threats to Max about whatever it is that involves stuffing wads of bank notes through letterboxes, while Cora lets Patrick in on a momentous porkie she told about her supposedly dead daughter, Ava.

Coronation Street

After living on a diet of Roy’s bellybuster breakfasts and Newton & Ridley bitter, it’s no surprise that Steve doesn’t shine in the footie match against the Weatherfield Arms. In fact, it’s only Rob from the Rovers squad who comes away covered in glory. This prowess on the pitch isn’t matched by his behaviour off it however, as he scores a definite own goal when Eva catches him cheating with a waitress. And there we were thinking you only needed to wear a box while playing cricket.



Troubled mother-daughter relationships are everywhere this week, what with Amy and Kerry’s night out going pear-shaped and Debbie warning Charity about her negativity where Sarah’s operation is concerned. But there’s also time for a couple of eagerly awaited confrontations: yes, Cain goes from aiming homicidal stares at Cameron to throwing punches, while Debbie shocks her entire family by facing up to Chas on a prison visit.