Sky Remote Record on FAQs has launched a new service – Record, in association with Sky. If you’re a Sky TV customer, you’ll be able to set programmes to record from


Why are there Sky Record buttons showing up when I view episode details?

We’ve recently introduced a feature that now lets you record shows directly to your Sky+HD box if they’re your TV provider.

If you are logged in and have set your TV provider to Sky, or if you haven’t logged in to set your provider, you will see the option to record upcoming programmes.

I don’t have Sky – how can I get rid of the buttons?

To remove the buttons simply register for the site, and set your TV provider via the ‘Settings’ option on the TV listings page.

How does it work?

When you choose to record a show you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Sky iD. If you’re a Sky TV customer, you need to make sure your Sky+HD box is linked to your Sky iD to make record requests. 

You can get help linking your Sky iD to your Sky+HD box, (if you’ve not previously done so).

You’ll find help online to create a Sky iD, or if you’ve forgotten your username or password.

To make things easier, we will keep you signed into Sky iD for future visits. does not store your Sky iD details nor does it have access to your account.

When I opt to record, what happens?

Once you’ve chosen to record a show and signed in, the button will change to say ‘Requested’ to indicate your request.

All record requests will be made to the default Sky+ box in your home. The button should change to say ‘Requested’ to indicate this.

Does that mean it will definitely be recorded?

It means the request has been sent to Sky’s service. To record a show you’ll need A Sky TV subscription (with the corresponding TV pack for the content featured) and to have linked your Sky+ box to your Sky iD account, selecting a default box for the content to be recorded. You’ll also need adequate storage capacity on your Sky+HD box. 

You can check all recordings using your Sky+ app or looking directly on your box. If there are clashes with the recording then the recording may not succeed.

Why does it say ‘Error’ on the button?

If you see an error whilst trying to record a show using the button, there may have been a problem sending the initial request or you may have already sent a record request for that show via

Can I series link the recording?

At the moment you can only record the episode for which the button is showing on

Can I cancel a recording I have set?


You cannot cancel a recording via – you would need to use your Sky+HD box or use the Sky+ app to do that.