Sir Cliff Richard: I’ll have to stop one day – I don’t want to make a fool out of myself

"There's got to come a time when I'll have to stop, if only for my own pride," says the 73-year-old crooner

Aged 73, Cliff Richard is still doing it all – touring the world, jiggling his rock ‘n’ roll hips, even posing topless for his ever-popular annual calendar. With half a century of hits under his belt, he remains a housewives’ favourite with a new album and DVD in the charts.


But while the veteran crooner has plenty more projects on the boil, he’s the first to admit that his career can’t continue forever. “There’s got to come a time when I’ll have to stop, if only for my own pride,” he told “I don’t want to end up making a fool out of myself.”

When Richard first launched his career with his number 2 hit Move It in 1958 it was deemed the first authentic rock ‘n’ roll song – a precursor to the dizzy heights reached by the The Beatles in the 1960s. So, does he reckon he’d have had the same success had he started out in the current music climate? “It’s hard to tell. When I look back and I hear myself singing, you can’t compare me with the people who are singing today. They’re so much better than we were because they’ve had 55 years of influences.

“If I was a young man today, I would have had all those influences. I think I would have been a better singer now and been able to compete with them, but if you take me out of context from 1958 and put me in with somebody now singing, I think they sing much better than I sang.”

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