Sherlock: First footage of series three shown at San Diego Comic Con

The convention was treated to a clip from episode two that, according to the creators, must never surface online

Here’s something to make you seethe with jealously: Attendees of San Diego Comic Con’s Sherlock panel have been treated to exclusive footage from series three of the detective drama.


Introducing the clip to whoops of ecstatic joy, producer Sue Vertue – on a panel with co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss – asked the convention hall to turn off their cameras before playing a rough cut, with unfinished audio, from episode two’s The Sign Of Three.

Details of what features in the teaser are obviously spoilerific but as Steven Moffat himself says… 

Potential spoilers follow…

“Hot off the presses from a hundred years ago: John does get married.” And so the clip centres around a touching, funny scene in which Watson is asking Sherlock to be his best man. After some trademark tangents from Sherlock on what, exactly, makes a ‘best man’, he says “I’m your best man?” “You are my best friend,” Watson replies; the hall collapsing into a chorus of “awww.”

Given the rough nature of the clip, it sadly won’t be released online. 


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