Scuba diver watches TV under water for six days

A man has broken the record for the longest scuba dive in open fresh water. How did he manage it? By watching shows on his underwater telly

Tennessee-born scuba diver Jerry Hall has broken the record for the longest open fresh water dive, while he entertained himself by watching TV.


The pro-diver remained submerged in South Holston Lake, in Bristol, for 145 hours 31 minutes and 22 seconds… that’s almost a week!

To pass the time, Hall watched movies on an underwater TV and DVD set and talked to his friends on a camera system. He also managed to sleep under the water. Hall explained: “I actually slept really good last night,” he said after the dive. “I mean I’m in the world’s largest water bed.”

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Throughout the dive, 20 volunteer divers delivered Gatorade, food and water to Hall. The food was cut up into small pieces so Hall could chew it.

Co-captain of the dive team Jim Bean explained: “When eating, he uses the normal regulator,”

“We cut up the food into bite size pieces, stick them in a baggy, and dive it down to him.

“Jerry then takes out his regulator, sticks food in between his lips, spits out any water that slips in and chews and swallows,” he continued.

At the end of the dive Hall was weak, so his team assisted him as he ascended to the surface of the lake, and helped him to walk. 

Hall wasa ghostly pale colour and his palms and feet were severely shrivelled after the dive. 

Watch a clip of the start of Jarry Hall’s dive here:


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