Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery – video preview

Watch clips from the stand-up comedian's very personal BBC3 documentary

Comedy wild-man Russell Brand is back on TV tonight in a rather different capacity to normal: he’s fronting a factual documentary about drugs on BBC3 (Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery, 9:00pm).


The show, which centres around the stand-up’s well-documented personal battles with drug addiction, explores whether or not abstinence-based methods of recovery are more effective means of helping people overcome drug problems than weaning them off one substance and on to another, as in the case of heroin addicts on methadone programmes.

As well as meeting addicts making their first steps towards rehabilitation, Brand uses his own experiences and evidence discovered during the making of the documentary to convince policy-makers to explore different strategies for dealing with the problems of drug dependency.

You can see a collection of clips from the documentary below.


Be warned, some of the subject matter and images in these videos might be shocking to sensitive viewers: