Ruby Tandoh bites back calling Bake Off reaction “nasty” and “misogynistic”

The Bake Off contestant has responded to criticism during her time on the hit BBC2 cookery competition

From her supposedly self-deprecating attitude to accusations of flirting, via Twitter spats with the likes of Raymond Blanc, Ruby Tandoh has been at the centre of many a heated debate during the fourth series of The Great British Bake Off.


But the 21-year-old has spoken up against her critics on social media, saying, “I am surprised at just how much nastiness was generated from the show.”

Tandoh, who made it into the Bake Off’s final three before children’s clothes designer Frances Quinn was crowned the series’ ultimate star baker, hit back at comments made about the female contestants’ appearance and attitudes in the tent, deeming them “misogynistic” and “gender-specific”.

“The criticism ranged from the gently cynical to the downright obnoxious,” wrote Tandoh on the Guardian website, “but as the series went on I noticed an increasing degree of personal vitriol and misogyny. We (female) finalists are supposedly too meek, too confident, too thin, too domestic, too smiley, too taciturn…

“It’s a culture of frilly baking versus macho Michelin stars, of real chefs versus domestic goddesses,” she added.

The student, who was studying for her philosophy degree while competing in the Bake Off tent, was also accused of flirting with Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood during the series. A “boring” accusation Ruby says she is “tired” of defending herself against. She went on to add: “I’d rather eat my own foot than attempt to seduce my way to victory.”

The fourth series of The Great British Bake Off ended last night with Frances Quinn being named the ultimate baker. Ruby Tandoh and Kimberley Wilson were the runners-up.