Resurrected Pride And Prejudice And Zombies casts Lily Collins as Elizabeth Bennet

Undead-killing adaptation of Jane Austin classic also now has a director...

Once again, the possibility of a Pride And Prejudice And Zombies film rises from the dead to feast upon the eyes of the living.  


Natalie Portman’s production company, Burr Steers is on board to direct the project with Mirror Mirror actress Lily Collins in talks to star in the adaptation of Seth Grahame Smith’s zombie mash-up of Jane Austin’s classic, reports Variety.

The book follows the same story as the original – lovers kept apart by different social classes in 19th century England – but with an unconvenient twist: an army of the undead. Collins would play the Elizabeth Bennet character, who would turn from mild-mannered protagonist to zombie killer.

The film has been languishing in development hell for a while, with, at one point, Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell attached to helm and Natalie Portman in the lead. But, due to scripting issues, Russell and Portman – who is still a producer – dropped out because of scheduling conflicts.


Whether the film will now shuffle towards production without decay, however, remains to be seen