Listings FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the redesigned TV and Radio listings on

How do I customise my channels?


If you go into Settings and you can then deselect the channels you do not wish to see by unticking the box, or add other channels by expanding the list to see the full set available. We would recommend that you log in or register for the site in order to save your settings.

Can I order my channels in the way I want?

Yes, on a desktop you simply put the mouse over the channel name and you can move up or down to the required placing.

Where can I find channel numbers?

These will appear on the channel logos by moving your mouse or tapping the logo. If you have logged in and set your TV provider, channel numbers will be shown below the logo.

The channel numbers don’t seem to appear on my listings.

The channel numbers will only appear underneath the channel logos once you have set your platform provider in Settings.

 What is that blue line that appears on the grid from top to bottom?

This indicates the current time.

How do I select my provider and region?

Go to Settings and then you click the left hand side and choose your provider e.g Freeview, etc and your BBC and ITV regions.

Can I jump to a particular day?

Yes – you can scroll forwards or backwards using the arrows by the dates and click on the date you want to see.

Can I view my listings in vertical format instead of horizontal?

Not at the present time, you can customise the channel list but only view in horizontal format. 

How far back and forward do your listings go?

On, up to 14 days in advance and 30 days in the past. Sometimes listings may appear as “to be announced” or “provisional”, this means that the programme schedules have yet to be confirmed by the broadcaster.              

Within our apps, listings are shown for 7 days in advance and 30 days in the past.

I live in Wales but S4C doesn’t appear in my selection?

You will need to add this manually to your selection using the channel list in Settings.

I live in Scotland and BBC Alba doesn’t appear automatically in my selection?

You will need to add the channel manually using the channel list in Settings.

Can I enlarge the screen?

On a desktop, holding down CTRL and using your mouse scroll wheel should enable you to increase or decrease the screen size.

Why can we not have more space on the screen to allow a longer viewing period than 3 hours?

We are currently reviewing ways to show a longer viewing period for larger screens.

It doesn’t always indicate repeats on some channels – why is that?

It normally does but on some satellite channels that rely on old programmes they sometimes do not send indications of reruns.

I only have 5 channels in my selection – where is List view?

List view is no longer available.

I just want to see when my favourite programmes are on? Is there a way of just seeing these?

Yes – simply add programmes to your Watchlist and this will act as a schedule of your favourite programmes. You can do this by click on the Watchlist, Follow or heart buttons. 

Do I have to set up a Watchlist on all my devices or can I sync it?

As long as you have a login, then by logging in using this on any device means your Watchlist or favourites will appear. Currently there are issues with this functionality on our apps.

How do I add programmes to my Watchlist?

In the listings when you click on a programme detail, click the Watchlist or Follow button or tap the heart if on an app.

If I follow a programme does that automatically go to my Watchlist?

Yes and will remain there until you remove it even if the series goes off air and later returns. We recommend that you sign in to ensure your Watchlist is saved. 

Why aren’t all of the programmes I am following appearing in my Watchlist?


If you created your Watchlist before June 2015 then we are aware of problems accessing programmes that have been previously followed and are actively trying to resolve this in due course.