Zoe Ball won’t be paid the same as Chris Evans for Radio 2 breakfast show: ‘I’m definitely not expecting it’

The Strictly: It Takes Two presenter will present the slot from January 2019, becoming the first ever woman to host the show

Zoe Ball, Chris Evans (BBC, EH)

Zoe Ball has said she will not be paid as much as Chris Evans when she takes over his Radio 2 breakfast show in January.


The Strictly: It Takes Two host will be the first ever woman to present the morning show, as Evans leaves the station after 13 years to re-join Virgin Radio.

Evans was reportedly paid a salary of £1.66 million by the BBC, and is said to be increasing that sum to £2 million at Virgin.

However, Ball has said she does not expect to earn as much as Evans for hosting the slot, telling BBC News: “I’m definitely not expecting the same. But I have to say we’ve discussed fees and I’m very, very happy with what the BBC are paying.

“If it’ll all come out one day as these things tend to, I hope people say, ‘That’s fair.’”

The BBC will release details of its stars’ salaries in its annual report next summer.


Last year, Ball was paid between £250,000 and £299,000 for all her work for the BBC, including for It Takes Two, The Big Family Cooking Showdown and her Radio 2 Saturday afternoon show.