Prince Charles in unexpected places

As the Prince of Wales is accused of meddling in politics, we consider Britain's breakdancing, train driving, weather presenting heir to the throne

Pity the man who will be king. It seems Prince Charles can’t open his mouth (or write a scritchy-scratchy letter to government ministers) without being accused of trying to influence policy. There’s even a play about it opening on the West End. But a good prince won’t be confined to the palace or his proper constitutional role, and Westminster isn’t the only place Charles has cropped up unexpectedly…


The dance floor!

Charles is no Prince of Wallflowers. When there’s dancing to be had, he’ll put decorum to one side and bust some moves, to the delight and horror of millions. See also: Prince Charles doing the Full Monty dance.

Presenting the weather!

Now is the winter of the BBC weather report made glorious summer by this son of Windsor.

Driving a Tube train!

The railways may not belong to the country anymore, but that won’t stop Charles playing with trains.

At the British Comedy Awards!

OK, so he wasn’t actually there, but his heartfelt tribute to Spike Milligan certainly brought the house down.

Starring in Mean Girls!

OK, so this didn’t happen at all, but HRH’s stinging insult of the BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell was worthy of the Burn Book.

On the throne!


And finally, To Play The King (sequel to the original British House of Cards) saw a thinly veiled version of Charles ascend to the throne. After meddling in public policy on everything from the environment to architecture, he made an enemy of villainous Prime Minister Francis Urquhart. In response, the PM manipulated and blackmailed the entire royal family (see if you can match the faces to the caricatures) until the King was placed in checkmate. It’s unlikely David Cameron will come so close to treason when dealing with Charles.