Passengers can now use mobile phones on planes

Customers on British Airways flights will soon be able to make calls as soon as they’ve left the runway

Normally, passengers have to switch of all electrical devices until they leave the plane, however, British Airways has just announced that, from July 1, passengers will be able to use their phones and gadgets to check emails and make phone calls and texts after the aircraft has left the runway.


Look out for the announcement from cabin crew from this July and onwards, explaining that customers can use their phones when the plane is off the runway.

This means that if your plane is delayed at the airport for any reason, you may be able to contact people to let them know, while on board the flight.

The new decision has come about after the airline put their case forward to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). British Airways demonstrated that customers would not affect safety regulations when using their devices off of the runway.

A draft report by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has also recommended easing up on the restrictions surrounding the use of electronic equipment on planes.

British Airways will be the first European carrier to offer the use of phones off the runway before takeoff and after landing.


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