Painfully funny TV unit review highlights perils of DIY assembly

Three minutes in Argos, half an hour to assemble and five hours in A&E...

Assembling a TV unit at home can be an agonising experience, as this Argos customer has found.


“Painful” reads the title of the review posted by Specky from Coventry (who is 25 to 34 years of age should you wish to know), which explains how she ended up in A&E after attempting to construct her new cabinet.

“The dowels didn’t fit in the holes properly,” Specky begins, explaining that her friend sat on the unit to “try and seat the dowels”. Unfortunately they “shot through the lid, perforating her buttocks.”

“Luckily, it’s black, so [hides] the blood stains quite well”, continues Specky, adding that it was difficult to convince A&E staff “what had actually happened”.

“So, 3 minutes waiting in the queue at Argos, half an hour assembly and 5 hours down at A&E didn’t result in a very fun day,” she concludes.

“Still, the telly looks OK on it.”

Six out of seven people found this review helpful – perhaps the seventh thinks their buttocks are up to the task? – and Specky still gave it a two star rating. Well, what’s a bit of blood and pain if the telly looks OK, eh?


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