When will Love, Victor season 2 be released?

The LGBTQ+ teen drama will return to Hulu for a second run.

Love Victor

Love, Simon spin-off series Love, Victor is officially returning for a second season – and will potentially feature even more characters from the original film.


Love, Victor will follow the life of half-Puerto Rican, half-Colombian-American teenager, Victor, who attends the same school as Simon. He struggles with his sexual orientation, and how he can come out to his socially-conservative family. Luckily, he has a friend in Simon, who can guide him through this time in his life.

Disney previously attracted some controversy when it made the decision to release season one of Love, Victor on Hulu rather than on Disney Plus (where it was originally set to air).

A source at the time told Variety: “Disney felt many issues explored on the show, including alcohol use and sexual exploration, would not fit in with the family-friendly content on Disney Plus.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Love, Victor.

When is Love, Victor season two on Hulu?

The series is currently expected to air summer 2021 at the earliest.

The streaming platform Hulu previously confirmed a second season back in August 2020.

Sadly, viewers in the UK can’t access Hulu just yet, so keep an eye on this page and we’ll update it when we have any details on how you can watch it in the UK.

What will Love, Victor season two be about?

The spin-off series is set in the same universe as Love, Simon, the popular teen film about a closeted gay high school student, Simon (played by Nick Robinson).

Love, Victor follows Victor, a half Puerto Rican, half Colombian-American teenager who attends the same school as Simon and his friends did: Creekwood High School. He and Simon exchange supportive messages about sexuality and coming out at high school.

Victor also struggles with his sexual orientation, in addition to coming out to his more socially conservative family (who he imagines will be less understanding than Simon’s parents were).

While not much is known about the plot for season two, series lead Michael Cimino revealed in early October 2020 that he had read the first script for season two episode one, and was left “crying”.

“Okay idk if I’m allowed to say this but ima say it anyways. I just read the first episode for season 2 and I’m just legit crying. I can’t wait for y’all to see this. I’m so proud of everyone and I promise I’m going to do better than my best. Love ya’ll and I’m SO grateful [sic],” he tweeted.

Who stars in Love, Victor?

Michael Cimino plays Victor, while George Sear plays Benji, the gay high schooler whom Victor falls for by the end of season one – breaking the heart of his friend Mia (played by Rachel Hilson) in the process. James Martinez and Ana Ortiz play Victor’s hardworking parents.

Season one also saw a number of cameo appearances from Love, Simon stars, including Nick Robinson, who narrates the messages of support that Simon sends to Victor.

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford (who starred in Love, Simon) has also revealed that she would “consider” cameoing in Love, Victor season two (via ET Online).

She said: “Love, Simon was one of my favourite things that I’ve been on… I think the series is very different. If they ask me to come back, I’m sure I would consider it. But I think it’s a different view with Victor than I’m not in at the moment.”

What was the controversy surrounding Love, Victor?

Season one of Love, Victor was originally set to air on Disney Plus, but the entertainment giant moved the series onto Hulu instead. At the time of the switch, a source told Variety the “issues explored on the show, including alcohol use and sexual exploration, would not fit in with the family-friendly content on Disney Plus”.

The move resulted in a backlash on social media, with critics citing an alleged lack of LGBTQ representation on the streaming platform Disney Plus.

However, Becky Albertalli  – the author of the book that inspired the film Love, Simon – defended the move, asking fans to give the streamer “the benefit of the doubt”.

“There’s been speculation as for the cause of the platform switch. For what it’s worth, it’s not based on the show featuring a gay teen love story. Disney knew what it was when they got it. There are mature themes such as teen drinking, etc. that led to the switch,” Albertalli wrote on Twitter back in February 2020.

“That said, I completely get why many of us are wary of phrases like ‘mature content’ and ‘adult themes.’ They’re so often used as homophobic dog whistles, and these concerns are so valid. But in this case, I do hope you’ll give Disney the benefit of the doubt.”

Love, Victor season two trailer

There’s no trailer yet for Love, Victor season two, but we’ll keep this page updated.


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