When is Will Ferrell’s Eurovision movie out on Netflix?

This year's contest may be cancelled, but hopefully Netflix's spoof will fulfil all your Eurovision needs.

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Eurovision may have been cancelled this year, but fans facing withdrawal symptoms need not fear! Will Ferrell will be starring in a fictionalised parody of the contest, set to land on Netflix in June.


Co-written by the Anchorman star and directed by Wedding Crashers’ David Dobkin, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga will follow an Icelandic singing duo (played by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams) as they represent their country at the international event.

Although the release date was recently pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has released some first-look photos to get fans excited.

Here’s everything we know about the Eurovision comedy…

When is the Eurovision movie released?

First announced in June 2018, the Eurovision movie was shot throughout 2019.

Will Ferrell attended the final of the 2018 Contest as research, and he and co-star Rachel McAdams were also spotted at the dress rehearsals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel.

The film was initially scheduled for a May 2020 release to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, however the release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film is now set to be released on Netflix on June 26, 2020.

What is Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga about?

Eurovision - Netflix movie

The story revolves around Icelandic musicians Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) being given the chance to represent their country in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Set in 1972 (which was actually 16 years before Iceland first competed in the competition), it’s a comedy written by Andrew Steele and Will Ferrell, who has onlypreviously written five of the films he has starred in.

What will the film look like?

On 19th May, Netflix released several teaser shots from the film, which show off Lars and Sigrit’s various flamboyant 70’s costumes.

In the sneak peek photos, we can see Will Ferrell sporting long locks to play his Icelandic character, complete with metallic jacket, while Rachel McAdams dons a floaty blue number that wouldn’t go amiss on the real-life Eurovision stage.

The first look also teases a performance by a shirtless Dan Stevens, who we see wearing a long ostentatious jacket whilst surrounded by semi-naked dancers in tight golden leggings. Clearly, a very different role to his stint on Downton Abbey.

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Who is in the Eurovision movie?

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga boasts a cast packed with big names including Will Ferrell (Lars Erickssong) and Rachel McAdams (Sigrit Ericksdottir), playing Iceland’s loved-up entry in the song contest.

They’re joined by Pierce Brosnanwho plays Lars’s father Erick – “possible the most handsome man in Iceland”, Brosnan told RTE’s The Late Late Show.

Dan Stevens also appears in the film as Russian singer Alexander Lemtov, Lars and Sigrit’s competitor, while singer Demi Lovato stars as Katiana – her first film role since 2010’s Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

Eurovision’s UK commentator Graham Norton, who hosted the Eurovision 2020 replacement show, also makes a cameo in the film as himself.

Is there a trailer?

It’s not a trailer as such, but the first teaser for Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga dropped on 16th May, 2020 – the same night the cancelled Eurovision 2020 Grand Final was supposed to be held – in the form of a music video.

The track ‘Volcano Man’, performed by Ferrell and McAdams’s characters, feels so authentically Eurovision that it’s hard to believe it’s not a genuine Euro-pop classic from the 1970s.


Where was the Eurovision movie filmed?

The cast have been filming in Edinburgh (which once hosted Eurovision in 1972), while Iceland is also expected to feature as a location.

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