When is Marvel TV series Hawkeye released on Disney+?

Jeremy Renner's badass bowman is returning in his own TV series

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Although Jeremy Renner once wished to kill off Hawkeye, the Avengers’ expert archer has unexpectedly evolved into one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. In fact, the most badass bowman in the MCU is now getting his own TV show on upcoming streaming service Disney+.


But what will the show be about? And who will star? Here’s all you need to know.

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When will the Hawkeye TV series be on TV?


Hawkeye is currently on target for a late 2021 release on Disney+. At least we won’t have to wait longer to see it in the UK at that stage!

A rumour on the Murphy’s Multiverse website claimed the series had been delayed, but Verge reporter Julia Alexander called the speculations “completely inaccurate” so it looks like Disney is still on for a late 2021 release – phew!

Is there a trailer for Hawkeye?

No, although Disney+ appears to have revealed an early look at a credits sequence for the series, which you can check out now.

Who’s in the cast of Hawkeye?

Jeremy Renner will once more pick up the quiver of Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton, marking his sixth time playing the character on screen.

Aveners: Age of Ultron

It’s currently not been officially confirmed who will play Kate Bishop, a young woman who Hawkeye will train into a formidable archer, though Hailee Steinfeld has apparently been offered the crucial role. You can see Clint and Kate together in action in new concept art revealed on Disney+ in America.

However, in a recent RadioTimes.com interview Steinfeld hinted that she might not be able to take on the part after all.

“That’s not something that’s necessarily happening,” Steinfeld told us when asked if she’s prepping for her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. “We’re going to wait and find out, I guess.”

Notably, Kate is a different character from the girl he trained in Avengers: Endgame, who was his daughter Lila Barton (played by the daughter of director Joe Russo, Ava).

It’s expected that Linda Cardellini, who played Clint’s wife Laura in the Marvel films, will make an appearance, but this isn’t yet confirmed.

What’s the plot of the Hawkeye TV series?

Jeremy Renner teases the arrival of Kate Bishop's Hawkeye at San Diego Comic-Con
Jeremy Renner teases the arrival of Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye at San Diego Comic-Con

Although huge chunks of the story are unknown, Marvel has said the series will centre on Hawkeye passing on his mantle and bow to the young Kate Bishop. We also know the series will be set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, and may explore Hawkeye’s years as the vigilante Ronin which were glimpsed in that film.

As the show is taking place towards the end of phase four of the MCU, it’s likely it will set up events for a later Avengers movie.

Who is Kate Bishop?

Hailee Steinfeld (Getty) with the logo for Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye series (Marvel)
Hailee Steinfeld (Getty) with the logo for Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye series (Marvel)

Apparently, True Grit, Pitch Perfect and Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld is in the frame to play Hawkeye’s successor Kate Bishop.

In the comics, Katherine “Kate” Bishop takes up Hawkeye’s mantle during his apparent death when she joins the Young Avengers, later becoming the original Hawkeye’s protege when he returns from the dead.

Like Hawkeye, she doesn’t have any superpowers herself but was already trained in archery and martial arts thanks to her wealthy upbringing, and enhances her skills further when trained by Clint Barton.

In many stories, she teams up with Hawkeye to take on street-level crime, rather than the more extreme adventures enjoyed by other superheroes, and was a key character in the popular Matt Fraction comic-book run on Hawkeye which the new streaming series appears to be based on (the Disney + series’ title is in the same font as the comic-book series). During that run Fraction’s take on Kate Bishop was critically-acclaimed and reignited interest in the character, who ended up fronting many storylines on her own as the series continued.


Confusingly, Kate Bishop also takes the codename Hawkeye even when the original is still using it, causing the pair to jokingly refer to each other by the same name during many missions.