When is season 3 of Ingobernable on Netflix? What’s it about? Who’s in it?

The Mexican Netflix Original is back and here's everything you need to know about it

INGOBERNABLE on Netflix - season 3

Mexican thriller Ingobernable joins the list of unmissable Spanish-speaking Netflix Originals, along with Narcos and La Casa de las Flores.


Season 3 promises to be just as intense as its predecessors, with more political turmoil awaiting former first lady Emilia Urquiza.

When is season 3 of Ingobernable on Netflix?

Despite rumours that a third series had been cancelled due to (ironically) political reasons, it’s good news for fans of the show. Ingobernable season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix from December 1st, 2019.

What is Ingobernable about?

Ingobernable centres on Mexican first lady Emilia Urquiza as she deals with the messy aftermath of her husband’s murder. Emilia is believed to be responsible, so she embarks on a quest to clear her name and find out what really happened to the President, uncovering a government conspiracy in the process.

The show gives House of Cards and Scandal a run for their money, with plenty of twists, turns and steamy story lines to keep viewers on the edge of the sofa.

What will happen in Ingobernable season 3?

Not much is known about Ingobernable season 3 and Netflix is yet to release a trailer. Chaos erupted at the end of season 2, which culminated with Emilia being shot at and possibly betrayed by her daughter María. It’s safe to assume season 3 will focus on Emilia and María’s difficult relationship.


Who is in the cast of Ingobernable?

The series stars Kate del Castillo (La Reina del Sur) as first lady and overall badass Emilia, Sense8’s Eréndira Ibarra as equally badass Chief of Staff Ana and Erik Hayser (also from Sense8) as the President of Mexico.

Is there a trailer?