When is Riverdale season 4 released on Netflix?

Archie and the gang may be in hot water in the latest round of episodes....

Riverdale Ep.302b -- T13.2020252 -- Photo Credit: Dean Buscher / © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Noire-inspired teen drama Riverdale is set for a return to Netflix in 2019.


The series, which is based on characters from the Archie Comics series, ended on a dour note after Luke Perry (who played the father of fiery-haired teen heartthrob Archie) passed away while production was underway on season three earlier this year. He did not feature on screen for the final three episodes of the season, though they were dedicated to his memory – meaning his character will likely be written out at some point this time around.

On top of this, there are plenty of other questions that fans want answered after the third season finale flashed-forward to reveal Archie, Betty and Veronica burning their blood-drenched clothing.

Here’s everything we know about Riverdale season 4.

Will there be another series of Riverdale?

Yes! The show has been renewed for a fourth season.

When will Riverdale return to Netflix?

The new season will air on The CW in the USA on Wednesday 9th October, with episodes arriving on Netflix the following day, Thursday 10th October. Episodes tend to drop at 8am.

Who will star in Riverdale season 4?

The tragic death of Luke Perry means that we have seen the last of Fred Andrews.

Is there a trailer for season 4?

Not yet. We will update this page when it comes in.

What is going to happen in Riverdale season 4?

While season three saw the resolution of the Black Hood and Gargoyle King storylines, there is still a lot left to be parsed. Not least in the flash-forward, which appeared to show Archie, Bettie and Veronica cleaning up after a murder.

This time around, the gang will be in senior year, which is sure to bring some real-world drama into the mix.

Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has shared that the first episode of the new season, titled In Memoriam, will be a tribute to the late Luke Perry and his character Fred Andrews.

“Probably the most important episode of Riverdale we’ll do this year, if not ever,” he wrote on Instagram, under a picture of the finished script. “A tribute to our fallen friend. Thankful for this opportunity to honour Luke & Fred.”

How will Riverdale pay tribute to Luke Perry?

Perry’s friend Shannen Doherty – who starred alongside him in Beverley Hills: 90210 – said she is “deeply honoured” to be guest starring. Aguirre-Sacasa announced the news at San Diego Comic Con, telling fans Doherty’s involvement “is something that Luke wanted to happen since season one.”


Riverdale Season 4 will be released on Netflix on October 10, 2019.