When is Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke’s Anima released on Netflix?

The short musical film is a companion piece to Yorke's latest album of the same name

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Anima, the new “One-reeler” from Paul Thomas Anderson, arrives on Netflix this June.


The short film – Anderson’s first project since the Academy Award-nominated Phantom Thread – is a collaboration with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. The duo previously worked together on a series of videos for the band’s ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool.

Anima will serve as a companion to Yorke’s upcoming solo album of the same name. Here’s everything we know about the film.

What is Anima?

Anima is a short-film, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, which is scored by and stars Thom Yorke. It is a “one-reeler”, which is defined in the teaser below as a “motion picture, especially a cartoon or comedy, of 10-12 minutes duration and contained on one reel of film; popular especially in the era of silent films.”

Sounds intriguing. Will it be a comedy? We know it’s not a cartoon, as we’ve seen some live action stills, and it certainly won’t be a silent film.

When is Anima released on Netflix?

Anima arrives on Netflix on Thursday 27th July.

What are the mysterious Anima ads?

In June, ads for a company called Anima Technologies appeared on the Tube in London, in US newspapers and on phonebooths in Milan, advertising a “dream camera” which can help you to “get your dreams back”. They are apparently part of a viral marketing campaign for Yorke’s album.

“Do you have trouble remembering your dreams?” the ads read. “It’s a feeling we at Anima know only too well. You’re deep in a surreal world where you can be anybody you like, where you can do anything. And then you wake up, and the dream fades. It’s gone, like smoke on the breeze. Or is it?”

“Here at Anima we’ve built something we call a Dream Camera. Just call or text the number and we’ll get your dreams back.”

Check out the ad below.

The number (07588733111) leads to a recorded message, with a monotonous voice explaining that Anima has been asked to stop what it is doing.

“You are hereby advised that due to serious and flagrant unlawful activities Anima Technologies has been ordered by the High Court to cease and desist from undertaking its advertised business,” the voice says. “The website has been seized by the Authorities to prevent anymore on-line activities in relation to the aforesaid business.” At the end of the message, a portion of Yorke’s new song Not The News is played.


We expect the film will shed some light upon what all of this means.