“Watching Our Planet made me cry like a baby”: Emotional viewers react to David Attenborough’s new Netflix series

The natural history documentary has left its fans reaching for the tissues

Our Planet reaction, Netflix

David Attenborough has taken his environmental activism to new levels with the release of Our Planet on Netflix, gathering a trio of princes at the Natural History Museum for the launch as he uses the streaming service’s global platform to broadcast the threat to Earth and its habitats.


With such hype around its release, it’s no surprise that viewers the world over are bingeing their way through the eight-part series. Many are sharing their reactions online as they’re reduced to tears by the tales told of the impact we’re having on our planet.

Type #OurPlanet into Twitter and you’ll see a walrus emoji appear – that’s in homage to a heartbreaking narrative showing a gathering of walruses forced to huddle on the shore thanks to shrinking sea ice, and eventually plunging over a cliff edge to their deaths. It’s a sequence that has left viewers very emotional…

If Attenborough was hoping to pull at heartstrings, he succeeded, with baby flamingoes also prompting viewers to reach for the tissues:

The series’ message on the impact humans are having on global habitats has hit home with many.

And humans weren’t the only species engrossed by what they saw…

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said ‘wow!’ already,” wrote Charlotte MacDougall.

While singer Tom Walker decided Attenborough should be in charge of everything from now on…

90 is the new 50, apparently…


Our Planet is available to stream on Netflix now