All three seasons of Hannibal are now available to watch on Netflix

Seasons one, two and three of the addictive – and sadly cancelled – series are now available to stream online


All three seasons of cancelled TV series Hannibal are now available to watch on Netflix.


The streaming service already had the first two seasons in the UK, but now the third and final piece of the puzzle has been added.

That means all 39 episodes are now available to stream online.

There was outcry when the show was cancelled in 2015, with showrunner Bryan Fuller sharing fans’ pain and teasing a possible revival, saying, “a hungry cannibal can always dine again”.

So far that revival has never materialised, although now that all three seasons are available to stream online, at least fans can enjoy a second – or seventh – bite of the action.

Hannibal joins Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix, another show originally co-created by Bryan Fuller. The showrunner stepped away from Discovery in 2016.

Where can I watch Hannibal online?

  • Netflix subscribers can watch all three seasons of the show on the streaming service
  • The series is also available to rent or buy on services including Amazon, iTunes and Google Play

This article was originally published in September 2018