When is Nightflyers released? Everything you need to know about George RR Martin’s new TV series on Syfy and Netflix

The new horror sci-fi series is based on George RR Martin's novella, with the Game of Thrones author calling it "Psycho in Space"

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As well as the many many Game of Thrones spin-offs, there’s another TV series from the mind of author George RR Martin coming soon. And it’s far away from Westeros.


Called Nightflyers, the space voyage sci-fi horror series – based on Martin’s novella of the same name – is being made by US broadcaster Syfy, but will also be available to viewers in UK and Ireland on Netflix.

When will it be released? And what exactly is the show about? Find out everything you need to know about Nightflyers season 1 below.

When is Nightflyers released on Netflix?

Season one has already aired on network Syfy in the United States, but UK and Ireland viewers have had to wait a little bit longer for the sci-fi to arrive here.

However, Netflix has now confirmed that Nightflyers will be released on 1st February 2019.

Watch the new Nightflyers trailer

What’s is Nightflyers about? What’s the plot?

Set in 2093 on the eve of Earth’s destruction, the show follows a team of scientists (and a telepath) that board the most advanced ship in the galaxy called – you guessed it – The Nightflyer. Why? They’re leaving the planet to contact alien lifeforms who hold knowledge needed to save mankind from imminent extinction.

However, all doesn’t go to plan. As Netflix says, “as they journey deeper into the unknown, more and more mysterious and destructive incidents begin to threaten the mission and the lives of crew”.

“Nightflyers is a haunted house story on a starship,” Martin says in a preview. “It’s Psycho in space… I can’t wait to actually see it come alive on the screen.”

Who’s in the Nightflyer cast?

Boardwalk Empire actor Gretchen Mol stars as Dr Agatha Matheson, while Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine from Merlin) plays Karl D’Branin and Fast & Furious 6’s David Ajala takes the role of Roy Eris.

You’ll also be able to spot Sam Strike (AKA Johnny Carter from EastEnders) as Thale, plus Teen Wolf star Maya Eshet as Lommie and Fargo’s Angus Sampson as Rowan.

Is there a trailer for Nightflyers?

Yes. As well as the latest trailer above, the show has given us a terrifying glimpse of what’s to come in a short teaser below, as well as a more in-depth trailer released in July 2018.

Watch the longer Nightflyers season one trailer below.

Is this the first time Nightflyers has been adapted for screen?

No. In 1987, the Nightflyers story was adapted for a full-length movie, which starred the likes of James Avery (Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Michael Praed, who currently plays Emmerdale’s Frank Clayton.

We should warn you before you watch the trailer below: it’s very ‘80s.


This article was last updated on 15th January 2019

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