Black Mirror: Bandersnatch contains a broken scene that absolutely nobody can get to

One part of the choose-your-own-adventure isn’t actually linked to the rest of the story – but that hasn’t stopped fans trying to reach it

Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) in Bandersnatch (Netflix / Black Mirror)

By this point it’s fair to say that Black Mirror fans have discovered almost every secret from choose-your-own-adventure movie Bandersnatch, putting poor Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) through misery after misery in order to spot all the Easter eggs, alternate endings and various options in the vast, sprawling story.


“There’s certainly things that not many people have seen, but some people have found most,” Black Mirror co-creator and writer Charlie Brooker told “I think people have found most of them.”

However, as previously hinted by the interactive film’s director David Slade, there’s one scene that almost nobody will have seen – because despite technically sitting within Bandersnatch, it can’t actually be reached through the usual choice system.

“There is one bit you can’t get to,” Brooker said. “As in, there was just a short scene that you can’t get to anymore – we still had to grade it and mix it for reasons I don’t fully understand! And then we realised, because we’d made some changes, it didn’t fit anywhere.”

“It was down to our ineptitude,” series co-showrunner Annabel Jones explained. “Because we hadn’t realised it wasn’t going to be in the final version when we were finishing it.”

“And so it’s still in there,” Brooker went on. “Which is a pity! Because it’s a nice little meta moment.”

Well, he says it’s a pity – but according to Brooker someone on the internet actually has managed to break into the isolated scene by fiddling with Bandersnatch’s code, meaning that someone out there actually has seen the most secret Black Mirror Easter Egg of all.

“Somebody managed to get to it somehow… I don’t know, they probably messed with it,” Brooker said.

Looks like it’s time to get back to our ominous flowcharts, then; clearly, Bandersnatch still has a few more secrets to discover.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is streaming on Netflix now