Is there a Top Boy season 4 on Netflix?

Dushane and Sully's epic comeback was only the beginning

Top Boy Netflix

Top Boy returned to our screens following a six-year break, with Netflix – and executive producer Drake – reviving the show following its previous cancellation.


But what’s next following Dushane and Sully’s big comeback? Here’s everything we know so far about Top Boy‘s future.

Will there be a Top Boy season 4?

Two years ago, Netflix announced that they would commission two new seasons of the London crime drama that Channel 4 cancelled back in 2013.

Following the first two seasons (now retroactively referred to by the subtitle Summerhouse), series creator Ronan Bennett produced a relaunch of the show picking up after the events of season two and featuring the return of Dushane and company.

Season three was released in September 2019 to critical acclaim, with a fourth run of episodes set to follow.

When is Top Boy season 4 out on Netflix?

Drake has confirmed that a fourth season of Top Boy will drop sometime in 2020 – responding to an Instagram post from GRM Daily asking if the show would return this year, Drake replied “Of course”.

Is Top Boy ending after season 4?

Top Boy

The only information we have is that Top Boy was resurrected by Netflix for two seasons, with the first being released in late 2019 and the second due later this year.

Given that the streaming service hasn’t explicitly said that season four will be the last, that strongly implies that a fifth season will be commissioned. The other thing to consider is that Netflix has always been hesitant to reveal viewing figures for their content, so we’re yet to know how pleased they are with the most recent outing: season three.

Who will star in Top Boy season 4?

While it’s pretty safe to assume we’ll be seeing the return of main characters Dushane (played by Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson) as well as newcomer Jamie (Michael Ward), there’s no word yet on whether there will be any shift in the existing cast’s respective roles as regular or recurring characters.

What happened in Top Boy season 3?

After returning to London, Dushane is set to resume his place in the drug market, reuniting with Sully (who has recently been released from prison) only to be greeted by a new rival in the form of Jamie. By the end of the series, Dushane and Sully have proposed a partnership with Jamie – an offer he can’t refuse – that is implied to be integral to the premise of season four.


Where is Top Boy filmed?

While set in Hackney, Top Boy is primarily filmed in Kent (Thanet, Ramsgate). Considering info on season four is scarce, we can only assume a return to the well-established locations, as well as some not used for the series before.