Netflix warns people not to walk around blindfolded for the “Bird Box Challenge”

Sandra Bullock's post-apocalyptic horror film has sparked a weird internet craze

Bird Box

Netflix’s post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box has inspired some fans to copy Sandra Bullock and wear a blindfold – and now the streaming giant is begging people not to get hurt doing the “Bird Box Challenge”.


“Can’t believe I have to say this, but: “PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE,” Netflix said on Twitter, warning fans not to “end up in the hospital due to memes.”

The horror film stars Bullock as Malorie, a woman who is struggling to keep herself and her two children alive after a mysterious force kills of most of the global population.

It is extremely dangerous to look at this “force”, and Malorie knows that if you do, you will be driven mad and eventually kill yourself. To live, she and her family must undertake a difficult journey – blindfolded.

The internet loves nothing more than a stupid challenge, which explains why Bird Box fans have taken the horror flick to the next level by trying to complete everyday tasks and navigate the world while blindfolded.

And some have been taking it to very dangerous levels:


Netflix wants to make something clear: the Bird Box Challenge does NOT get their endorsement…

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