When is The Punisher season 2 released on Netflix? Who’s in the cast and what’s going to happen?

Find out what to expect from Marvel’s most violent anti-hero in his second solo outing

Marvel's The Punisher (Netflix, HF)

After a first season that saw Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle on a warpath for bloody vengeance, Marvel’s The Punisher is returning to Netflix.


The Marvel television universe is expanding with multiple seasons of Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones out, not to mention mini-series The Defenders.

To find out all you need to know about the much anticipated second season, take a look below.

When is The Punisher season 2 released on Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed that The Punisher season three is set to be released at some point in January 2019 – but we’re still not sure of the precise date yet.

The second season was ordered just a month after the first finished. Fans hoping for a drop later in 2018 have been disappointed however.

With the second seasons of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil having already hit our screens in 2018, Frank Castle’s series was crowded out.

Who is in the cast of The Punisher season 2?

Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle/The Punisher), Amber Rose Revah (Dinah Madani) and Jason R Moore (Curtis Hoyle) are all returning to their roles. Ben Barnes is also back on board as Billy Russo/Jigsaw.

There are newcomers too: Floriana Lima of Supergirl is joining as Krista Dumont, a psychotherapist for military veterans. Giorgia Whigham will play Amy Bendix and Josh Stewart has also joined the crew as John Pilgrim.

Upcoming 'The Punisher' cast member Floriana Lima (Netflix, JF)
Upcoming The Punisher cast member Floriana Lima (Netflix)

What will happen in The Punisher season 2?

In a similar fashion to how season one was kept firmly under wraps before its release, we don’t know an awful lot about what’s to come in season two.

We do know that after Billy and Frank’s epic fight scene at the end of season one (which led to Billy’s disfigurement) means we could yet see Jigsaw in his grizzly final form. Ben Barnes has also been seen filming scenes for season two, although another villain could yet take centre stage as the Marvel series looks to move beyond its season one storyline.

Is there a trailer for The Punisher season 2?


After the above tweet was published accompanying the announcement that The Punisher would be back for a second series, we have had nothing in the form of an official trailer.

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