Top 50 Netflix movies available now

There are some brilliant award-winning, genre-changing, thought-provoking movies streaming right now on Netflix – UPDATED

Ryan Gosling as Sebastian Wilder,
Emma Stone as Mia Dolan (SEAC, JG)

Struggling to find a movie on Netflix you actually want to watch? Compared to its incredible TV series, sometimes Netflix’s film recommendations can be a little bit… frustrating.


But don’t worry: there are plenty of brilliant cult favourites and award-winning movies starring Hollywood’s great and good hidden on Netflix UK. You just need to know where to look.

Check out our guide to the best movies on Netflix available right now. And if you want to find out what’s coming soon, check out the video below for the best new Netflix releases coming this October.

Updated 10th October 2018

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

A sweet, precisely executed romcom, which serves as an homage to the best films of the genre from the 1980s and 90s. Lana Condor stars as Laura Jean Covey, a Korean-American high-schooler whose world is turned upside down when a box of private love letters that she penned to her crushes is distributed to its intended recipients. Watch out for a breakout performance from mini Mark Ruffalo, Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky). Watch on Netflix

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Full Metal Jacket


Stanley Kubrick’s penultimate film is a harrowing, foul-mouthed and violent Vietnam War drama. But, unlike the rainforest horrors of Apocalypse Now or Platoon, Kubrick’s film begins with a long training camp sequence in America before moving to a bombed-out Vietnamese city. While its message is simple – innocent young Americans are taught to be machine-like killers – its technique is extraordinary. Watch on Netflix

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The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant (SEAC)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s gruelling performance finally earned the star a Best Actor Oscar. An astonishing watch, the film moves from the bear pit of Broadway to the untamed wilderness of 1820s America Watch on Netflix

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The Notebook

The epic romance that introduced the world to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is endlessly re-watchable. Watch on Netflix

The Crown - Matt Smith, Peter Morgan, Claire Foy - Writer/Creator Peter Morgan with Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) (Netflix, TL)


A scene from Netflix movie Mudbound (Netflix, JG)

Netflix continues to try to discover original movies that break through during awards season. Period drama Mudbound deserves to. Directed by Dee Rees and featuring a beautifully balanced ensemble cast from Carey Mulligan to Mary J Blige, this is a bittersweet story of racial tensions and family bonds in post-World War II America. The movie has been nominated for four Oscars, including Best Supporting Actress for Mary J Blige.  Watch on Netflix

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Featuring John Travolta as Vincent Vega; Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnifield © Buena Vista International

Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken – all outclassed by the revitalised John Travolta and the then largely unknown Samuel L Jackson. Quentin Tarantino definitely knew how to pick ’em. Watch on Netflix

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Netflix August 2018 new releases

Les Misérables

Les Miserables (2012) Samantha Barks as Eponine; Eddie Redmayne as Marius © Universal Pictures

Sing along at the top of your lungs and don’t worry about disturbing anyone in the seat next to you. It might not quite match seeing the original on stage, but there are some perks to having this musical epic at your fingertips whenever you want it. Watch on Netflix

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Emma Watson tries her hand at an American accent as a wild and free teenager in this sweet coming-of-age tale.  Watch on Netflix

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Dallas Buyers Club


Matthew McConaughey’s painful transformation into AIDS sufferer and illegal meds dealer Ron Woodruff won him an Oscar in 2014. Jared Leto’s performance is arguably even more tortuously engrossing. Watch on Netflix

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Loving Vincent


A labour of love in every sense. Seven years in the making and composed of some 65,000 frames produced by 120-odd artists, this film touts itself as the world’s first fully painted film. Watch on Netflix



Ryan Reynolds stars in the filthiest Marvel movie creation to date. With the sequel recently released in cinemas, Ryan Reynolds’ superhero slows no sign of slowing down. Watch on Netflix


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