This official Stranger Things comic book will explain a big mystery about Will Byers

We'll be seeing a lot more of the Upside Down

Will in Stranger Things

What did Will Byers actually get up to while he was hiding in the Upside Down? Even though the first series was all about Will’s disappearance into the Demogorgon’s shadowy world, it’s never been quite clear what the terrified kid was doing for all that time. Until now.


Stranger Things is getting an official comic book which will tell the story of Will’s adventures in the Upside Down. How did he avoid Barb’s fate of instant death? Where did he go? How did he hide? How long was he in his den in the woods?

The comic book is the work of author Jody Houser and artists Stefano Martino and Keith Champagne. Set during the first season of the Netflix show, it will expand on the world created by the Duffer Brothers.

Asked how it will fit in to the events of the main series, Houser told The Hollywood Reporter: “It was mostly a close watch of the show, working on building up a timeline, and then figuring out how to add some twists to the story.

“Of course, anything we did had to be approved by Netflix, to make sure it fit with the world of the show.”


She added: “We had a list of possible story ideas from Netflix, and seeing Will’s side of the events of season one was the concept that jumped out to me the most. Getting to explore both the Upside Down and a character we didn’t get to see much of that season sounded like a blast to write, and something that I know I’d want to read as a fan.”

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